Media release from the Minister - Pricing changes to ensure NDIS

Media release from the Minister - Pricing changes to ensure NDIS

30 Jun 2022

NDIS participants will benefit from revised pricing arrangements to ensure prices reflect broader economic inflationary pressures.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) today released the 2022-2023 Annual Pricing Review (APR).

The NDIA Board is making these price changes to ensure appropriate pricing is in place for participants so they can continue to access high quality supports while also receiving value for money.

The APR primarily recognises increased cost for providers for the Fair Work Commission’s decision to increase award wages last month.

Annual Pricing Review

From 1 July 2023, prices for supports delivered by disability support workers and Level 1 Support Coordinators will be increased by 5.3%, including:

  1. An adjustment to price limits in line with the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) decision to increase award wages.

  2. An extension of the temporary loading for a further 12 months at 1% from 1 July 2023 with this ceasing on 30 June 2024.

  3. The inclusion of paid family and domestic violence leave into the Disability Support Worker Cost Model – up by 0.1% from 1 July to reflect the new entitlements for workers in the industry awarded by the FWC.

  4. The adjustment to price reflect increase to Superannuation Guarantee Charge by 0.5 percentage points.

The plans of NDIS participants will be adjusted next month, with funding to be indexed to account for these pricing changes.

After careful market analysis and consultation, there will be no adjustment to price limits for Therapy Supports, Support Co-ordinators (Category 2 & 3) and Plan Managers.

Results from extensive benchmarking analysis suggest the current NDIS price limit of $193.99 an hour is above the average fully loaded hourly cost of most types of therapy professionals.

As a result, there will be no changes in pricing arrangements for Therapy Supports, Support Coordination (Category 2 & 3) and Plan Managers.

Further information on the Annual Pricing Review can be found on the NDIA website.

SDA Pricing Review

The NDIA board has released it decision on the 5–year SDA Pricing Review.

This decision will see NDIS participants have better access to home and living supports into the future.

The Review evaluated the impact of current prices on supply and demand and how prices guide market investment.

The NDIA will adjust the amount of funding included in participant plans to ensure participants can continue to access their SDA supports.

A lack of appropriate disability accommodation can result in additional costs pressures, with participants being forced to reside in other settings, such as hospital or aged care, while suitable accommodation is found.

More information on the Specialist Disability Accommodation Pricing Review can be found on the NDIA website.

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